Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Last Goodbye"

I used to only scrapbook the fun things... the events, happy holidays, and the other joyous occasions of life, but something about that seemed a little empty and unrealistic to me. Lately, I have forced myself to scrapbook some of the sad times. It's worth remembering the times that we feel totally raw and undone, not sure of what tomorrow holds for us, or how long the hurt will cloud our hearts.
 My Dad died two years ago in August. We had a memorial service, but my Mom was not sure what she wanted to do with his ashes. After some research, we decided to have the internment service at the Great Lakes National Cemetary in Holly MI.
 It was a very chilly day, but we huddled up together and sat through the short military service where we honored my Dad for the last time. It meant a lot to all of us to watch them meticulously fold the flag in my Dad's honor, and then kneel down and give it to my Mom.
We've been missing him for longer than the two years he's been gone. He was diagnosed with Alzhiemers ten years prior, and we watched him slowly slip away from us. The last few years, he didn't know our names, but I could still see a small twinkle in his eyes when we came in the room right up until the last six months or so.

Thankfully we have so many great memories to hang on to! Most importantly, I know that he is whole again, and that I'll see him one day when I arrive at my heavenly home. 

Do you scrap your sad memories? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  1. Good for you! My Dad died 2 years ago too and had a military ceremony. I cried the entire ceremony, but was thankful my husband took pictures. Bless you and your Dad!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Cindy! dads are special and irreplaceable! Blessings to you too!