Sunday, August 12, 2018

two page scrapbook layout - "Silly Smiles"

Here's a fun layout with my two grandbabies! They are so much fun! Being a Grandma is the best thing ever. I'm so blessed that they are here in town and we get to see them often.
 Selfies are always a challenge with these two, but I think we nailed some fun shots, inspite of my lame camera phone.
 This little cluster of hearts was cut from Cricut's Edge to Edge cartridge. I used the inside part of the hearts and spread them across the page and added some heart brads.
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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - Family

I'm on a roll posting layouts this week! Here's an older layout with pictures from a family wedding back in April, 2015.
 My brother and I (and our spouses) took my Mom to my cousin's daughter's wedding. The destination is about an hour and a half north. My Mom was in mid to late stage Parkinsons and the thought of taking her that far was daunting to all of us. But we did it, without too much trouble. I think she enjoyed herself, although she had trouble smiling and expressing her emotions.
 This is probably one of our last "big" outings with her. She passed away last October. I miss her so much! Looking back at these pictures brings back mostly good memories of a day well spent with her and extended family.
I know it seems odd that I don't have a pic of the bride and groom, probably because I don't really know the actual bride that well. But, it was so great to see our cousins on this side of the family!

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Two page Scrapbook Layout - "Family Dinner"

I remember this dinner like it was yesterday. I'm probably still carrying around some extra pounds from it. We were celebrating together with an "end of summer" dinner before my youngest son went back to college. He's pictured here in plaid with his sweet girlfriend (now wife).
 I made baked Hawaiian  Ham Sandwiches, corn on the cobb and the most amazing strawberry shortcake ever. I sliced raised glazed donuts and topped them with strawberries and REAL whipped cream. OH.MY.GOSH! I blame Pinterest!
 I get a little nostalgic looking at these pictures from our old house. We moved in there when I was pregnant with my oldest...just a little two bedroom home that we tried our best to fill with love and laughter as we raised our two boys. At the end of last year we sold it and moved into a brand new home that we designed ourselves! It's been fun and we LOVE our new place, but I still get a little sappy when I see pics from that place. So many memories that we will always carry with us. So many fun family dinners on that little screened in porch!
Hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer! 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Chill Out"

Here's another summer time layout to share. There's nothing like a pool to cool down and relax when the temperatures soar.
 These pictures are from a weekend in Michigan with our kids, grandkids, and my husband's siblings. I'm so happy we make time to stay close.
 Sorry for the discoloration on this pic. Not sure what happened here!
Nothing like a little cornhole and cake to make the day extra special. I can't believe this was almost 3 years ago already. I'm less than a year behind in scrapping my pics, but apparently I'm 2-3 years behind in posting them here. Blogging takes time....
Love our family time together. Scrapbooking these photos is my way of reliving all the memories and fun that we have together. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Family by Chance..."

A few years back we set some time aside for a sibling getaway weekend with my husband's siblings. We had a great time together. We stayed up all night playing games and talking. Here's  a scrapbook layout of some of our time together.

If you saw my post from Monday, you'll recognize some of these as the photo that our boys decided to re-enact with their spouses. So funny!
 These are some of my favorite humans! We love each other in spite of our faults and irritations.
 Looking back at these pics from a few years ago, makes me want to frame a few of these for our guest bedroom. They turned out well!
 Love the woodgrain paper with the honeycomb pattern. It reflects the mix of our personalities quite well! The little alphabet stickers are perfect for making a long title take up less space on the page. I try to emphasize the most important words and fill in with the letter stickers.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Scrapbook Layout - "Hot Shot"

This is my absolute favorite little man. Meet, Sawyer, my darling Grandson. I adore this picture of him!
This picture was taken two years ago when he was only two! Can't believe how time flies and now he's four and in pre-school. that I'm posting this I see something wrong with this layout. Anybody else noticing it?  😒

Monday, August 6, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Then and Now"

I'm sure you've all seen the great pictures of people recreating their baby pictures as adults! So hilarious! My husband and I were at a sibling getaway with his siblings in northern Michigan. We were taking lots of pics of ourselves. Some were silly and some were serious, because you just never know when that picture will be the last of all of us together, right? My two boys and their wives decided to recreate not only our picture which we had posted on Facebook, but also to recreate some pics from their own childhood. I found these side-by-sides of them on Facebook the next day. I still can't stop laughing every time I see them.
 These boys of mine and their beautiful wives are keepers for sure! They are either making me laugh my head off or making me cry...for real! Most of the time, it's joyous laughter, though!
 Aren't these pics of their childhood photo re-enactments just the best!! My boys are 6'4" tall. I just can't stop laughing at these strapping boys being so silly together.
 I especially can't stop laughing at the bottom right photograph. It's clear that my youngest son, Jacob isn't flexible enough to get his foot all the way up into his big brother's crotch anymore. Too funny! I really wish they could have found some snazzy red and white striped pj's for him to wear for the re-enactment! 😂😂😂
 And now, about the layout...I love the way it turned out with all the colors and layering of patterned paper and simple embellishments with buttons and snipped paper circles.
My heart is so full, looking back at the old pics and also laughing about the new memories they made re-enacting them together!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layouts - Mackinaw Island

Mackinaw Island is one of our favorite places to visit. Whether we're lucky enough to spend a long weekend there, or even just a day trip, it's so much fun! Here's a few layouts from a few summers back. Our son joined us for the trip. We had a great time!

First....."Are We There Yet" - A layout of our bike ride around Mackinaw Island.
 Even I made it all the way around!! I had to walk my cruiser bike up one of the hills, but aside from that, the 8.2 mile trip was a breeze! My son and husband bike often and go much farther, so I was happy to keep up with them, for the most part.
 We rented our bikes and mine was a cruiser! I came home convinced that I needed to replace my mountain bike with a cruiser! For my birthday that year, I picked out my very own Electra Townie 7D. Oh my much more comfortable and I love riding again.
Gorgeous views all the way around the island. Lots of places to stop, rest, skip stones, and take pictures.

We stayed one night on the island at a beautiful bed and breakfast just one street back from the main drag. What a gorgeous place! The flowers and the hospitality were amazing.

"Flower Power" at the Metevier Inn, Mackinaw Island
 I must admit this is probably the first time I've ever used lavender card stock! :) I like the way it turned out, though. I can almost smell the flowers.
 Such a fun place to stay. They thought of everything to make our stay memorable.
If you've never been, you need to go and experience Mackinaw Island overnight. Maybe I should start collecting commissions from the MI Convention Bureau. 😃 You really don't need to go to California or Florida to experience beautiful coastal views and beaches. #puremichigan

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Summer scrapbook layouts - "Moomers" & "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay"

Here in the midwest, summer doesn't last for long! The warm weather is fleeting. Sometimes it's even too warm to enjoy it much. At least, that is the way I feel about summer. BUT...It's never too hot for ice cream!
 Moomers is a great ice cream place just outside of Traverse city. You will also find a few locations up that way that will sell it from their storefront. However, to get the full experience, you really need to go to their rural location and watch the cows eating hay, while you're eating your ridiculously yummy ice cream!
 They've won a lot of awards for their ice cream! But we were there before the secret was out, and before the long lines.  But don't let the lines stop you. They move fast and it's worth the wait!!
Aside from the ice cream, this was a special trip for us since it was the last trip that our son accompanied us on as a single guy! We had a lot of fun together and made special memories together. But we've gained a daughter since that time, so it's all good!! ♥

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Here's another layout from our northen Michigan trip a few years ago.
 Part of our purpose for going was for me to take my annual class to update my insurance designation. This year it was in Traverse City. It's great to have my hubby and son come along to spend the evenings together. They also enjoy spending the day riding bikes, or at the waters edge.
 These pics were taken at the pier right downtown after dinner one evening. If you've never been to one of Michigan's great lakes, you need to go! I'm partial to Lake Michigan for so many reasons! It's one of our favorite stomping grounds.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018

More Birthday Scrapbook Layouts

So many birthdays!! I try to tell myself that age is just a number. I'm truly blessed and loving all the life that I'm given. Here's a layout from my birthday a few years back. I don't normally scrap my own day because I'm normally behind the camera...just the way I like it. :)

 We usually go to Banditos (local mexican restaurant) because it's free to eat on your big day!
 I think my youngest son must have still been at college that year. This is my oldest son, beautiful wife, and adorable kiddos.
I love this crazy family of mine. They are my heart! sweet hubby's birthday. I'm not even sure if these are all from the same year, but it doesn't really matter.
 I made him Key Lime pie in memory of our recent trip to Key West for our anniversary.
This man blesses me every day with his love! I totally got the best guy! Sorry for the rest of you.

And one more...Here's a birthday layout of my two boys who are now grown men. These two...oh boy! So many stories and laughs together. I should explain that they both share the exact same day for their birthday. I'm tricky like that, I guess. They don't always appreciate the uniqueness of sharing a birthday, but I think it's!
 We drove down to spend the evening with our youngest at Ball State and his precious girlfriend (now wife). It's always a party with this bunch. 💗
 This seems like it was forever ago. So many changes since then, but all of these great memories still come flooding back.

 Thanks for looking at all the birthday layouts. Oh...there's a bunch more, but they'll have to wait for another day.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Three California Dreamin' Scrapbook Layouts

Here's a few layouts from our 2015 trip to California. This was a work trip, but we managed to have some fun at the same time.
 This was our beautiful hotel. Very comfortable! Couldn't ask for anything else, except to take all the sunshine back home to Indiana.
 Don't you love this tropical floral paper? The colors are amazing.

Here's a layout showing off the outside grounds for our hotel.
 They had a walkway over the Pacific Coast Highway which took you right down tot he beach.
 I think it's time for another CA trip. You can't really beat the weather and the views.

Here's another layout of the hotel grounds. Loved our stay there. I spent much of the time a little stressed out due to being the meeting planner, but what a place to be stressed!
 The pool, fountains, and flowers were gorgeous!
 I wish I'd had a little more time to sit on the beach, but since I was there to work, I can't complain.

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