Thursday, November 15, 2018

Two Page Layout - "She Said Yes" is the layout featuring my son popping the question and my daughter-in-love saying YES! I was so glad he was able to pull off this surprise and we were all able to enjoy the pictures from this very special occasion.
 I sure wish my hubby of almost 33 years and I had such great photos to capture our engagement! Back then, Mom or Dad snapped a polaroid photo and that was it! Yes, I'm old!
 Again, I love the muted and distressed patterned papers, and of course, the lovely deer head! I'm still obsessed with deer and antlers. It seemed appropriate for the page, right?
We are so thankful and blessed that both our boys have found their forever loves! It's so fun having girls in the family! I always wished I'd had a girl to raise, but having DIL's is pretty special too! I only wish they'd call me Mom!! Maybe that's not "a thing" anymore? They're still my daughters, either way! And now, a cup overflows with pink, purple and all things lace...finally! 😍

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Two page Layout - "Future Mr. and Mrs."

Here's another layout of my son and daughter-in-love's engagement photo shoot. This was a planned photo shoot, but the engagement was a surprise. These particular photos were before he popped the question.
 Aren't they the cutest? I love the way their pics turned out. They had a lot of fun, even before he  proposed to her.

The heart banners are printed on the paper, but I added the more colorful neutral banner for just a little more pop on the page.
 She has a ring on here, but it's not THE ring. I will post the She Said Yes layout soon.
Thanks for looking! Stop back soon!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Two Page Layout - "Goodbye"

This layout evokes so many memories for me! These pictures were taken December 24, 2018 just days before packing up and moving out of our family home. We purchased it and moved in when I was pregnant with my oldest. It's a very tiny, 2 bedroom/1 bath home, so we planned to live there for 5 years, build equity, and then move to something bigger...Well, we stayed for 28 years!!
 Our second son was born two years later and they could easily share a room. We were loving our home and the neighborhood, and we just stayed! It really didn't feel that small until the kids became teens. There wasn't a lot of space to have friends over, or have family guests stay over with us, and then suddenly they were 6ft 4" and they were sleeping in bunk beds where they couldn't stretch out very well....but we still stayed. 😲
 The biggest reason we stayed was for financial reasons. We were paying tuition at a Christian school from Kindergarten through highschool, then college tuition...But we started planning, hoping and dreaming to build our own house one day.
 Meanwhile our oldest son got married and later on blessed us with grandchildren, our youngest graduated from high school and got engaged. He was living with us, saving for the wedding, etc. and we LOVED having him back with us again after college. But when the whole family was over, the walls were closing in on us. It was tight around the dining room table, and my youngest had to give up his room for the grandkids to spend the night. So, we started getting more serious about our plans, pulled the trigger on a beautiful little lot, and held off breaking ground for a few more months to save up the rest of our down payment.
I'm glad that we stayed as long as we did, though. We never had to uproot the kids from their neighborhood, and all things fell into place financially after we were finished helping with college tuition....We were out of debt and ready to make our dream home a reality!

These pictures are the last family photos taken at our old house! We made so many memories there together with our little family. My hubby spent so many hours fixing up that little house. That's probably one of the reasons it sold 6 HOURS after going on the market. It was the cutest little house in the neighborhood and the market was (is still) so HOT here in Fort Wayne. The timing was perfect in all ways for us and we give all the glory to God!

Thanks for sticking with me through this longer post. Thanks for reading! I will post layouts of our new home some time soon. We are loving it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Two Page Layout - "Grandparents Day"

This little girly is our joy and sunshine.😻 Love that she's able to go to a wonderful Christian school where she has every opportunity to excel in anything that she wants to do, while learning about Christ. She has grown and learned so much in the last couple years...It's quite amazing to watch.
It's always worth taking time off work for her daytime school activities....A beautiful photo-op with my favorite girl, seeing her face light up as she spots us in the crowd, and celebrating her accomplishments in every way possible!

 Her class played the bells and they did so great! When she was in pre-school, she wasn't very excited about performing, but she seems to be into it now and we are so blessed to be so close and able to attend everything that she has going on at school. We're hoping she'll be a star volleyball player like her Mama! This Grandma played too back in the day! But, she will choose her own activities and we'll be excited to support her in any way that we can...Unless it's baseball, then I'll have to pray for more patience.
You probably recognize the papers from Graphic 45. They were actually given to me by a fellow scrapper who is always generous with her srapping supplies. Thank you, Karen!

Hoping you are feeling thankful and blessed! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "The Perfect Pair"

Last March, my youngest son asked the love of his life to marry him! 😻  He planned to propose in the middle of a photo shoot they had scheduled for themselves as a couple.

These photos were taken prior to the proposal in a coffee shop. I love how they turned out!
 They're obviously smitten with each other. They're also good for each other. Each of them is a better person because of the other. A match made only in heaven. The girl we prayed for him to find since he was a little boy. We are blessed that both of our boys have found the one true love who completes them.
 I don't remember where I got this paper, but it was quite perfect for engagement photos, don't you think? I added a little metallic washi tape and cut a few large diamonds with my Cricut.
These two are now happily married and I'm working on a wedding album for them. More to come on that project. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Happy Halloween"

When our boys were little we didn't do much to celebrate Halloween. They had their school parties, and as they grew up, they celebrated with their friends. Now that we have grandchildren, we celebrate with them. 😊
 This layout is from two years ago. Sawyer was Captain America and Scarlet was, of course, the cutest fox ever. Look how much fun they are having, bringing in their haul of candy!
 I wish the weather today was as nice as it was two years back. It could be a little soggy and chilly as we walk through the neighborhood with the kiddos. Today, a new tradition starts! The littles will trick or treat with their Mom's family in her brother's neighborhood and then come to our new house and trick or treat with us! We are loving our new home and neighborhood and we're excited to show off our sweet grands and get to know our neighbors a little better.
Lots of patterns and colors going on here, but it's kind of like scrapping Christmas...You just have to go with it. I really love this paper and the purple and green title! Hope you like it too. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy a fun and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Trick or Treat"

It's almost time for trick or treat! Each year the whole family walks the streets together with the kiddos to scrounge up yummy treats. I love watching their faces full of excitement. This was 2015, so Scarlet (ballerina girl) was just getting the hang of it and Sawyer (Curious George) was hanging around in the wagon.
 I decorated a bag for each of them and packed it full of kid-friendly treats for them to eat later. I know, Grandma should be spoiling with all the candy, but I knew how much they would hauling in that night.
 I used a clear liquid that dries like a shiny gel to accent the spiders and bats. You may be able to see it on the close up.
 Who knew purple and orange were so fun for scrapping Halloween? Check out my DIL (Minnie) and son (Wolverine)...never too old for Halloween fun.

Thanks for stopping by today! One more Halloween layout to share soon!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Legacy of Love"

Here is my final layout of our fall family shoot of 2015. It's the whole crazy, beautiful family!
 The stitching is just drawn on...I don't have a sewing machine, but it's pretty hard to tell that it's drawn on once you get the layout in the page protector, right? Again, I've used washi tape, a border punch along the edges, and a few punches to layer up a small flower circle embellishment.
 I love this crazy bunch of people! They bring so much love and light into my life. We struggle and we fuss over issues sometimes, just like every family does, but we stick together like glue through it all.
 Here's a close up of my faux stitching....Not perfect, but I think it adds a lot to this layout.
So now you've seen them all.😲 Thanks for hanging in there with me and looking at some of the same pics in multiple layouts. Some layouts were for my grandchildren's books and some for our own.

Next up will be a few Halloween layouts.  See you soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "All MIne"

Fall is back! We lost it to winter for about a week, but hopefully it's back for awhile now. Just in time for a few more fall layouts. It is my favorite time of year, so I can't help myself.
This man is my rock. He is the most patient and kind man I could ever ask for in my life. He's a wonderful husband, Dad, and PawPaw. I'm a very blessed woman to call him mine! And then there are these crazy, fun-loving, non-stop, beautiful grandchildren of ours! My cup overflows...😻
 I can't get enough of these colors and the blue distressed woodgrain background paper. It really pops the orange in the leaves and in our clothing. The banners are all random paper scraps that I've saved. My scrap container comes in handy for layouts with banners. I love when I find a bunch of patterns and colors that all work together. A little washi tape and ribbon...and done.
I think I have one more fall layout with the whole family to share with you soon...and then next up will be Halloween. :) Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Little Lady" and "Little Man"

I just returned from a weekend scrapbook retreat! I got quite a bit done, and I can't wait to show you them! I brought home a cruddy cold with me. Mucinex, Cold Eeze and Kleenex are my besties right now.

Before I share my newer layouts, I still have more layouts from our fall photo shoot (2015) to share with you. This two pager features my two grandbabies! They're the cutest in all the land...
 You know me...I love to mix up patterned paper, and this layout is no different. I am happy with how it turned out. Too crazy for you?
 Couldn't resist adding the deer paperclip. How cute is this?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Smile"

This little guy is getting so big. I love watching him grow up, but not too fast. He's full of life and promise! I can't wait to see the plans that God has for him.
 We're so proud of my son and his family. I've posted other layouts that featured my granddaughter, but this one is all about Sawyer. He is one and a half in these pictures, but now he is four! Guess it's time for family pictures again?
 Our photographer did such a great job. She was so patient and fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Believe it or not, I have a few more layouts from this photoshoot. :) Love my family!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Happy Together"

Young love! These two are married now, but were just dating (seriously) at the time of our family photo shoot. With each family picture we took, we made sure we took one without her in it. I felt terrible doing it, but honestly, you just never know if they're going to last. If they don't last, you're likely not to hang any pictures with her in it. happened before, so I was a bit gun shy.
 Katie was very understanding about it. Thankfully, we never had to post the pictures without her in them! We never even printed them! She's a keeper and we are so blessed with two wonderful daughter-in-loves.
 They celebrate their first anniversary this weekend!! Woot! So excited to watch them grow together in love as their future unfolds. They're so great together!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you are enjoying all the layouts from this photo shoot. I'm enjoying reliving the memories as I post them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Happy Life"

This is my oldest son's beautiful family! We are so proud of them!!
 My husband and I are blessed beyond belief with our family. Our hearts our full with our two boys and their beautiful families. They keep us busy, and they keep us young(er).
 I remember well the challenge of raising little ones. Wow...In fact this handsome man right here was my strong willed boy. I'm here to tell you, if you're raising a strong willed child, hang in there! It gets better. All of those characteristics that make them challenging to raise, will (with training) make them strong and confident, but also loving, sympathetic, loyal, and all around great human beings! And...this one keeps me laughing all the time too. He's had some rough patches, but he's still positive and quite entertaining to be around. The saying "behind every strong man is a stronger woman" definitely is true for these two.
Thank you Lord for these beautiful humans that make our hearts sing with joy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "You Color My World"

And now it's time to share one of my fall layouts of my sweet granddaughter. She's definitely sugar and spice and everything nice, maybe with a little extra spice. :)
 Again, I'm loving this fall themed paper. I matted the photos, layered some embellishments and wrapped it with some pretty scalloped crocheted ribbon.
 Ah...I can't believe it's taken me 3 years to get these posted. Looks like it's time for another photo shoot with these sweet, not-so-little babies.
I'm still obsessed with the shot of my granddaughter laying on her belly in the wagon and the one where she's throwing up the leaves! Kudos to our photographer for catching these moments so well. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy your day! 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "Falling for You"

We don't take professional family photos every year, but when we do, it's typically in the fall. A few years ago we did a family shoot in a nearby park. Our photographer has the patience of Job!
 This layout features our grandson who was two at the time. Considering his age, I think our photographer got some great shots of our little man.
 The lined patterned paper was a nice backdrop for all of the color pictures. I rarely use plain cardstock. I'm so obsessed with patterned paper. The little banner is one that I purchased. It added a bit of a whimsical look to the layout.
There are nine pictures on this layout and still some rom for embellishments and journaling. I like the way it turned out. I'm in love with antlers, especially on a masculine page for our handsome grandson.

You'll have to come back and check out all the other layouts I created from this photo shoot. Thanks for stopping by my blog.