Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Page Layout - "Bigger & Better"

I work for the corporate office of  Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We insure churches and related ministries across the country. I've been with them for 27 years now and have seen so much growth and change. These pictures are an example of some of that growth and change.

Last year we started the process of adding on to our building. It was a long, messy process but we finally moved into our new building earlier this year. These pictures were taken during a tour with my department towards the end of construction.
 One of the huge metal beams was placed outside the employee entrance for all of the employees to sign. We then celebrated with a "topping off" ceremony where they placed the final beam on the building.
 After we watched them place the beam, we all ate ice cream outside on the patio together. I love that even though we are growing into a large company, we still do family type events together. We actually enjoy spending time with our co-workers. =)
It's Brotherhood's mission to protect ministries and help them get back on their feet after a loss. I feel blessed to love my job, to enjoy serving the agents that write for us across the country, and to love the people I work with each day!!! It sure makes the daily grind of life so much more worthwhile and enjoyable.

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