Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Double layout - "Ropes"

My favorite time of year seems to be slipping away too quickly! Brrrr! Praying for the East Coast and everybody inland who is dealing with or preparing for "Frankenstorm". That's one serious looking storm on the radar.

Earlier this year we attended a birthday party for a friend of the family. The shindig was at a youth center and they had a fabulous ropes course, up in the rafters of the gymnasium. Crazyness! Not for me, but my son had a ball. Of course, it did make for some great pictures.

Once again, I had a lot of pictures, so placing them in a grid worked the best. The lined graph cardstock helped emphasize all of the horizontals in the pictures. A couple of different border punches on strips of paper help to draw the eye across the two pages.
That's his worried Mama looking up, praying he won't fall. =) The little bungee cords made out of braided hemp didn't photograph very well. When the paper lays flat, as it will inside the plastic sleeve, it looks way better.
I happened to have the hand paperclips on-hand (lol...coudn't resist) in my stash. I used a couple new stamps from SU on Kraft paper inked with black around the edges and a handmade Kraft flower for embellishments. I journalled right on the cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and be safe out there in your corner of the world.



  1. LOVE the layout!! You must have done that one when I wasn't looking, lol, I don't remember seeing it. I love that you added that picture of yourself, too. Good photo!

  2. I don't even remember when I did it....lol. I think we were together, though. I think we were at the hood...maybe. Thanks for commenting!!! People don't take time to comment much anymore and I get lonely. =)