Friday, May 25, 2012

Graduation Decorations

Hello! It's almost graduation time! Can you believe that summer is almost here already? It makes me feel old when I say how fast time flies, but I'm saying it anyway!

My youngest son, Jacob, graduated from highschool last June. We had an open house for him and had such a wonderful time. I decorated the tables outdoors and totally forgot to get a picture of them. =( That's so frustrating. But, I did remember to get a few pictures of the banner that I made and hung in our dining room. We had his photo albums and memorabilia on display there too. We have a tiny house, so it worked well to spread people out between the house, the screened porch, and the yard.
The banner was cut with my Cricut machine and layered with lots of cardstock and patterned papers in his school colors (blue and yellow). I also added some forest green, because the school he attended through his junior year was blue and forest green. That was my way of tying in both his old and new schools.
I fringed the tassle on the graduation cap and used a giant blue brad in the center. Fiskars notebook paper border punch worked well on the top layer of decorative paper. I punched holes at the top and strung it together with black cord. I was concerned it might not stay up without putting nails in my shelf, but Scotch tape held it up nicely and came off  clean when the party was over.

I also made a shadow box of Jacob's soccer memorabilia for his senior year. The coach had taken some excellent pictures of all the senior players. The shadow box is something he can keep for his whole life, or he can change it out for college memorabilia in four years.
I found blue argyle patterned paper to use as the backdrop to everything. I used Adtech to attach the pictures, but his varsity letters, soccer patch, and graduation year numbers are all attached with pins. His letter jacket and other sports memorabilia were from his other school, so this was my way of honoring his success at the school he graduated from. It was pretty incredible how he fit right in there and made some great friends! There were so many blessings that came from the trial of having to find a new school as a senior!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! Who is scrapping this weekend? MEeeee!!! It's been awhile so I hope I can get my "mojo" going quickly and get a lot of pages done.

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