Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Coastal Tour" - another layout of Labadee, Haiti port

It's Wednesday and I'll be so thrilled when the weekend is finally, finally here! The week seems to be dragging and with more stress than normal to my workweek. Hope you are all enjoying every moment of your week!!

I wanted to post another layout of pictures taken on our 25th anniversary cruise. Labadee was so beautiful, and we took lots and lots of pictures. I narrowed it down to one layout for our shoreline tour. This is a super simple layout, again, so I could squeeze in a bunch of pictures. =) The title and arrow were cut with my cricut. You probably can't see it very well unless you double click the photo, but I distressed the patterned paper on the edge and used some glitter glue to make it stand out.

All of the supplies used were straight from my stash! It's nice to have everything you need for a page. I used a flower on the bottom right picture to draw attention to it...It's my favorite picture from Haiti! I used a little ink and glitter glue on the flowers too and topped them with brads.

Here is the whole layout so you can get an idea of how both sides work together. Thanks for following!


  1. I want to go there. NOW!!!!!! Bring on some warm weather and no more rain for awhile! Oh, and I love your layout. Lots of pictures and the embellishments are just enough and don't take away from them.

  2. And I like your new blog background! Very pinky! Oh yeah, and there's brown too! :)

  3. It's a very grunge-tastic shade of pink and brown....=)