Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eagle becomes Brave - soccer layout

Sorry for the long delay...crazy life...stress at work...on to the scrappy!

This one is my last soccer layout for Jacob...Maybe the last one ever unless he plays at college. The first picture is the left side. The title is my favorite part. I'fve blogged before about the change in schools this year (his senior year). All new uniforms, mascots, etc. and it has been a little strange to say the least. So my Keystone "Eagle" became a Blackhawk "Brave".
I had a lot of pictures to fit in so I used a flip flap from Stampin Up to fit in 2 more on the bottom right. I am so sorry the pics tured out bad, I didn't realize that until just now as I'm posting and it's too dark outside to take new ones. I'm so sorry!
Then I also added a page extender so that I could somewhat hide, but still include a great note to my son from his coach (shown in last pic). Maybe I can take more pics and re post...We'll see how that goes.

Double click on this and read the note. It's awesome and made me cry!! These are words every parent loves to hear about their kid! We are blessed!

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  1. WTG Julie! Love the soccer layouts and the letter from the coach made me cry too! You must be one proud momma!!