Monday, September 6, 2010

Home run evening

Happy Labor Day to all of you...or would that be Merry Labor Day? =) I guess it doesn't matter as long as you are enjoying yourselves. My day off has been very, more cleaning, unpacking from our few days in Michigan, some laundry, and more cleaning. Oh...and a little bit of blogging now. It's been too long.

This is a double layout of photos taken at our company picnic and baseball game. I work for an insurance company who is so good to all of their employees. They pay for the entire event and we just come and have a great time with our co-workers and our families.

I especially like the dark blue background. It seems to bring out all of the colors in my picutres during the picnic, the ball game and then later on for all of the great pictures of the fireworks that my hubs was able to capture. He snaps them and I scrap them!! A match made in heaven....most of the time. =) I'm always excited when I can creatively scrap a lot of pictures of the same event on one layout. It's hard to choose the best photos! I like ordering them in wallet sizes as I did here for the fireworks. That keeps the focus on the pictures of the family, but still allows me to remember some of the smaller details of the evenings.

Enjoy and thanks so much for looking! If you know of anybody who would enjoy my blog, please pass along the link. =)

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