Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Non-Traditional Graduation cards

We're back from a restful vacation and sliding back into the techy world we live in. We were at a cottage near Lake Michigan where the Direct TV box didn't work, there was no internet connection to be found, and cell phone connection was even a little hit or miss! With 2 older teenaged boys, you'd think we'd have had a riot on our hands, but after a day or two, we were all thankful for the lack of distractions. My younger son even made comment that he thought it was cool because we spent more time together and really relaxed. So, I was thrown back into the real world today with 174 e-mails waiting in my in-box for me at work. Big sigh....

Here are the last of the graduation cards that I have to share with you. I haven't mailed a couple of these yet, but I'm sharing them anyway. =/ All of these are for girls who are close to the family. Pretty non-traditional because there is no cap or gown anywhere! =)

Thanks for looking!

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