Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bridal Shower decoratioins - Beach theme

Hello...and happy Sunday! We've had an extremely relaxing day around my house today. While I do LOVE getting a Sunday nap, I feel a little bit bad not having accomplished all of my weekend goals.

One of my goals was to post something here on my blog. Since it has been SOoooooo long since I have scrapbooked, I'm running out of new things to post. This is very sad, but I hope that the dry spell will end soon. =)

This is a photo of the bridal shower that we threw for my future daughter-in-law in Michigan last weekend. Most of my family lives there so we thought it would be a good way to welcome Cindy to the family.

The table was first covered with a linen tablecloth, then a piece of fish net (found in craft stores and cut to size)), then a 12x12 mirror. We placed the centerpiece on top of the mirror. They were tall, square, glass vases with tiny glass pebbles at the bottom, then layers of different types of shells, then filled with water, and a layer of oil at the top, and a floating wick. The wicks stayed lit for longer than the necessary 3 hours. I think this is a great idea (thanks SIL Sue!) It saved buying candles and just gave it more of clear, see through look on top. On top of the mirror is some bronze colored craft sand, little glass sea creatures and some assorted sizes of starfish. Off to each side is a batter operated votive candle purchased on sale.

Shell leis were layed randomly around the glass luncheon plates. I made shell shaped chocolates and gave them as favors to each guest (pictured above and to the left of each place setting)...and there were some left over candies for the dessert table. I meant to take a picture of the favor itself, but I totally forgot.

Most of these items will be used again at the rehearsal dinner which is coming right up! I may switch it up a bit, though.

Here's the lovely couple. Off to the left on the black wrought iron easle is an "L" wall hanging that I made for her gift. It is covered with some of their photos in black and white. It is really hard to see here, so I will try to grab another photo and post it some time. It turned out great and it was really fun to do.

This was the gift table. It was covered with table cloth and had a skirting, topped with a shell garland around the top edge. She received so many beautiful gifts!
Last but NOT least, here is a photo of me and my Mom with Joel and Cindy. I was so touched that she went out of her comfort zone to be there. I was so proud to have her there and boy did she light up with all of the fun and games of the party!

Enjoy and thanks for looking. Blessings to you and your loved ones!

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