Monday, May 3, 2010

Titling Technique

Sorry for the delay again in posting. I'm very thankful for my paying job, but it does cut into my scrapbooking and blogging time a little. LOL! But, thankfully it does pay the bills and I enjoy it.

Now...on to the scrappy topic of creative titling. I was recently scrapping this Easter page and couldn't decide what color of paper to use for my title. I felt there were already some bold colors with the red and green apple (matting). My BSBFF (best scrap book friend forever) suggested making a rainbow/tie-dye effect. Based on her suggestion, here's what I came up with for my "Egg-stra Fun" layout.
I used the same green apple paper as the matting and cut it to a size large enough for all of the letters to eventually cut in my Cricut. I chose several pastel cat eye inkpads to match the layout (green, yellow, orange, pink). I randomly dabbed each color over the sheet of paper to get the tie-dye effect that I wanted. Once the ink was dry, I cut the letters from it with my Cricut. I love the way it turned out!

Here is a closeup of my little nest of eggs. To make this, I used a crimper and formed it into the shape of a little bowl. I cut the eggs in groups from one of my extra photos and used adhesive foam in between the layers so they look 3D. I may try the nest again later with a brown fuzzy ribbon to get more of a random circular shape. This one here looks a little squarish because my cardstock was really heavy. I do LOVE the crimping tool! Almost everything looks better crimped...I may have to try using the crimper on a title soon!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Julie~ you are so welcome for the blog award.
    Just because I have a lot of followers does not mean I can't appreciate the new blog & craft talent out there. I love browsing blogs and I truly enjoy when I find blogs that are fresh & just starting out. I love encouraging & uplifting people. It is good to know that you appreciate it. I look forward to seeing you post your well deserved award.
    Take care & I will be back.