Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunshine Award from Archiving Angel

A fellow blogger friend of mine Archiving Angel gave me the Sunshine Award! I am very honored that you chose little ole me and my blog for this award! I really am humbled and very encouraged by all of your uplifting comments! You are so sweet! I'm fairly new to the world of scrapbook blogging, but I really enjoy hearing from new people, receiving comments, and learning from all of the talent out there in blog land!!!

Now I must follow the award rules which are:
1. Post the award on my blog.
2. Mention the blogger who tagged me.
3. Give the prize to 5 friends.
4. Post on my blog the link to their blogs.
5. Announce everyone on their blog.
6. Make a list with 10 things that I like.

I'm giving this award to the following bloggers. Some of you have very popular blogs, and some of you are new to it all like me! I visit your blogs often and always come away very inspired! Thanks for taking the time to blog and share your ideas and projects.

Cindy @ Happy Little Studio
Angie @ Too Cool Stamping
Shawn @ Nuts About Sketches
Julie @ Starting Now
Laura @ Laura Vegas

And now...for the 10 crafty things that I like:
1) Colorful patterned paper (Can I list paper 3 times??? LOL!)
2) Graph/Ledger/Chart paper
3) Grungy paper (I scrapbook boy pictures...What can I say)
4) Crimper tool (A new discovery of mine and I can't quit using it!)
5) Cricut Expression (okay so maybe this should have been #1)
6) Rub Ons
7) Floss/Hemp
8) Making my own embellies
9) 2 Way Zig Glue
10) Journalling spots

Thank you Archiving Angel for blessing me with this award and to the rest who play along! Spread the joy!


  1. Thanks for passing the award on to me Julie. :) Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  2. thanks so much for the award julie! glad you enjoy my blog :)