Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Double Double- Prom Scrapbook layouts

Yes...I'm posting two prom layouts for you today as a reward for sticking with me through a week (or more) without a new
This first layout is one that I did for the family album of Jacob's Jr/Sr Keystone banquet (aka Prom). The theme was "Hollywood Premiere".
I used a full page diecut with hearts cut out and filled some of the negative heart spaces with black and white patterned paper. I used a pink and white theme because it seemed to bring out the best in the pictues. Honestly, if there is a girl anywhere in my photo, I kinda jump on the chance to use a little pink.

The second layout is for Jacob's book. I featured him and Anna with a 5x7 and then completely packed in a bunch of wallet size photos. I knew he would want to remember everything about that night, so I put them down without a lot of rhyme or reason. The flowers are made of silky white (petals) and green (stems and leaves) ribbon.I just kept sticking them on the page. lol! I love all of the shots, but to me it's a little too much chaos. Somehow, I knew he would love it. When I showed it to him that night he was so excited. It was his favorite page and because there were so many memories packed into one layout. Again, not my favorite layout. It won't win any awards, but if he loves it, that is what really matters!
Thanks for looking! Have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend.


  1. I love the first layout! Especially the "hollywood" lettering.

  2. I love more layout as the first one.