Saturday, October 26, 2013

Burlap Wreath for Fall

A few weeks ago we got out our box of all decorations and enjoyed decorating our home with all things autumn. It's my favorite time of year! Part of the reason behind that is the great decorations, and the fact that you can use fall decorations from September through Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the wreath we had last year was nowhere to be found in the attic. Very strange, but an excellent excuse to make one.

Here's what I came up with.
 I purchased this straw wreath from one of the craft stores last year. I bought the letter "L" ($2) and the cute little bird ($1.50) along with the roll of burlap ($6) at Michaels. I'm not sure how much I paid for the wreath last year, but they're not very expensive.
 First I rolled the burlap ribbon all around the wreath, pinning it periodically so it stays in place. Then I started rolling the burlap flowers, using a hot glue gun and pushing the flower down onto an adhesive disk like Glubers. Then I found this fabulous flannel in my closet. Seriously? Why do I keep these things. If I remember correctly, my son used this for some school project and I couldn't throw it out. Now I'm glad I held onto it. Same idea with the felt flowers, except I clipped the folded over edge of the fabric strip every 1/4" to 1/2" or so. See below for links for flower tutorials that I used.
 The orange paint was leftover from my summer lantern spray painting project. It matched the flannel nicely.
 I pieced together a bow out of the flannel. I couldn't get a real tied bow out of it since the fabric is white on the other side. I didn't like how it looked, so I made two loops, stapled them together in the middle, and wrapped a narrow strip around it for the knot. I cut one more strip about 10" long to be used for the hanging ends of the bow. I poked it through the strip that was used as the fake knot in the center, and then notched out the ends to give each side two points.
Have you made a fall wreath this year? I'd love to see your creation, just attach a link in your comment so we can all take a look. Here are the links to the flower tutorials. Burlap rosette HERE from Shabby Love and rolled felt flowers from the The Crafted Sparrow HERE. Again, I used flannel because I had it on hand and I liked the Chevron pattern.

Have fun!

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