Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two page pet layout "Winter Sprint"

I have really been enjoying the light covering of fresh snow we've received over the last few weeks. Today, it's disappearing again. I enjoy winter for the most part. Everything looks prettier when it's dusted with snow!

Our adopted greyhound loves the snow! These pictures are from a year ago. My son, Jacob, was home for the weekend from BSU. He and my hubby took Riley to the dog park and had a blast. I printed some in black and white for a change. It gave me a fun opportunity to embellish with colorful snowflakes. =)

Left: My favorite picture of them running off into the distance. A great shot!! It looks like Jacob had a head start.

Right:  Riley's tongue tells the story of all the sprinting he did that day. He ran so fast, his coat was literally flapping in the beeze behind him.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Are you doing any fun crafting this weekend? I am still hoping to get in a few Valentines cards. I have some ideas floating around in my head. As always, it's more a matter of getting all of my stuff out and just getting started. I can do this!!! =)

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