Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Double layout - "No Shave November"

The men in my family like to show their manliness by growing out their facial hair for "No-Shave November".  My youngest is definitely gifted in the facial hair department. I remember when his face was so soft and smooth, like a baby's bottom...LOL! However, being a young, single, college guy now, he can do what he wants with his facial hair, so he takes full advantage every November....neck hair and all....eeeeeew.

Some of the guys at work participated too. I snapped a picture at the end of the month. Thankfully, they all shaved their necks. =)

I made my own mustaches with two different Cricut cartridges...The top and bottom are from Everyday Paper Dolls. These hair pieces look amazingly like mustaches, don't they? The middle one is from the Paisley cartridge (2 paisleys flipped and overlapped). Loving the argyle paper...looks so manly...and just happened to compliment the colors in the photos nicely.
My son made silly faces everyday when he took his picture. He really is quite handsome...more so during the other 11 months of the year. =) You'll have to trust me on that.

This is a crazy busy time of year, but I will do my best to post more often...Next time with some cute layouts of my sweet grandbaby, rather than unshaven men. =)

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