Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Double layout - "Fast Rides"

Hello! I finished this layout recently of pictures that my husband took at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. My husband took Jacob and met part of his family there and they all had a great time checking out all of the fast rides...

The title was cut with Nate's Alphabet (Cricut) font for the caps, and Lyrical Letters for the remainder. I had a bunch of pictures, but I didn't want to do more than one two-pager on the event. I printed most of the pictures in wallets.

I used a few SU stamps in the corners. I wish they had come out a little darker.

I took this closeup so I could point out my favorite car....I wasn't there, but as I looked through the photos, I asked myself which of these rides I might pick...This is the one! They would all be a VAST improvement on what we're driving now. Honestly, though, I'm happy if they're dependable and I don't care too much about the rust...lol!

 I laid this out on two perpindicular lines. This method really helped get them all on here in a pleasing way. The few larger pictures became the focal points. Inserting the journalling spot into the mix helps break it up a little and give it character.
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