Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Double birthday layout - "More Candles"

Does anybody in your family share birthdays? We have the unusual pleasure of our two boys sharing their big days on August 22. I told Joel that his best birthday gift ever came when he was 2 years old and his little brother, Jacob, was born. He didn't always agree! They've always had fun together... as little boys playing together, and even now at 21 and 19 years. However, I know that having to share a big day like a birthday got old for them sometimes.

Here's a layout of their most recent "big day". Typical for my oldest to be goofing off in the pictures. That never seems to get old for him =). The guy on the right holding the cell phone is my nephew, Ryan, who always adds to the crazyness. Here's the left side of my layout.

Here's the right side. I was very pleased with my husband for actually capturing the moment of them blowing out the candles. Yay!

Here's some of the details:

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Here's layout of last year's fall decor. Thought I'd pull it out and share it again. Enjoy our families and all of the blessings that our Lord pours over us each and every day. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the day and just soak it all in!

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  1. Just found your great layouts from Pinterest. :) We have family (my husband and our niece) that share their birthday on July 3rd. A few more are just a couple days apart, too. Cute layout and great colors!