Monday, March 14, 2011

Teen girl - mini album

What a crazy week it's been! Whew! It was a really busy week at work that happens every March when we honor our top agencies. Lots of fun, and crazyness. So glad to be able to take some time to blog again. I have missed it!!

Today, I'd like to share a mini album that I made to give away as a door prize for a purity conference for the girls at our church. The age group of girls will be middle school through 10th grade. I hope whoever wins it will LOVE it! I got it done in about 8 hours one Saturday.

I cut the cover freehand from chipboard and cut the acrylic cover to match the shape. The inside pages are two sheets of cardstock taped together with double-sided tape. I made every page a little different, but used K C  & Co paper throughout the book. I added tags for journalling in all of the pockets that were created.

I strategically placed the matching rub-ons over the center of the flowers on the cardstock. It's hard to see it until you turn the acrylic cover to the left.

Herre is the back cover with the acrylic cover.
Another shot of the front cover.

Thanks for looking!! Enjoy your week.


  1. If there is even the hint of a noise that makes you think the girl who gets this book doesn't like it then snatch it back out of her hands and run it over to me immediately! I love this album and as lovely as it is on your blog it even that much more beautiful in person!

  2. This is darling!! Good work!