Saturday, October 9, 2010

8x8 wedding album for Gramma - (1st post)

I am so excited to share the gift album that I made for my Mom for her birthday!! I quick snapped photos of it before rushing off to mail it to her! She will be so excited!! I should have taken the plastic cover off for the photo, but I didn't want to get it dirty, so try to ignore the shiny areas around the edges. It was so hard to decide which picture to put in the front, because they were all so great!
I especially love these photos of Cindy. I was so excited to go along when she picked out her dress. She is just gorgeous isn't she?? I used my brand new Cuddlebug to put the swiss dot emobbssing on the title tag. I wish I could tell you the name of this paper, but I don't remember. I try to write all of that down on the back of my layouts, but...alas I did not because I was in such a hurry! LOL!

Again, the mystery paper...The whimsical flower pattern is on the flip side of the diamond shapes. Beautiful... and I thought it worked so well with the professional backdrop used in the pictures.I believe you can double click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see us all. Cindy's Mom and Dad, me and my hubs with Joel,and Cindy with her "cute as a button" second cousin who was the lovely flower girl...Speaking of buttons, I used clear ones with black Sharpie marker around the edge for emphasis. I thought it added to the whimsical look of the paper. I cut half a flower from the scrap paper and tucked it under the top edge of the photo with the flower girl.

Here we have the good looking groomsmen. My son, Jacob, is one of them and he is the one in the photo with Joel shaking his hand....surprised they weren't wrestling around, but I guess when you dress them up, they can act all grown up! LOL! The groomsman on the far left is Cindy's brother, and the other two on either side of Jacob are friends of Joel's. I loved the Minds Eye Bohemian paper with the colors of the wedding (green and brown). The picture of Cindy high-fiving her maids of honor is one of my favorites!!! Good friends and a great day!!

The pictures from the ceremony were screaming for purples, pinks, and greens...I just could not bring myself to follow a theme throughout the book and use the same papers and styles from page to page. I had to use what looked the best with the pictures and it adds some variety as you page through the album. The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the flower petals lining the aisle were my inspiraion for the petals lining the pictures on this page. I cut these on my Cricut in white and then inked the edges with green, and added a ltitle green glitter glue for the center. By the way... I only cried a little bit, and it was when their friend, Nate, sang his solo! He did such a great job it brought tears to my eyes as music often does. It was a very happy day!!

Check back this week and I will be posting the remainder of the album in two more segments. I hope it inspires you. I had such a great time putting it together!!

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