Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding programs!

Well, the wedding is over now and my son and his wife are celebrating in the Bahamas! It feels really strange and quite surreal to have one married off and officially out of the house. The ceremony and reception were beautiful! Everybody had a great time celebrating with them... More pictures later.

I've been waiting to share the big project with you...wedding programs! They turned out great once I figured out the best adhesive to use. It was quite a challenge. I never realized how many adhesives just really don't work that well to hold cardstock together. I finally landed on double-sided tape. Thanks, Jodi! What a lifesaver. I was ready to light a match to my pile of unstuck layers!

Here they are. The first side is the Order of Ceremony, and the back side shows the bridal party. Thanks for looking.

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