Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sketch #55 from 52Sketches52Weeks

I got my inspiration for this page from Sketch #55
I loved the layout and thought it would be great for pictures taken of me and my favorite Scrapbooking buddy, Jodi. She came with me on a work assignment in Michigan, cuz my hubby wasn't able to go with me. Jodi and I took our scrapbooking stuff and cropped in the evenings. However, we spent most daylight hours working hard and we were road warriors in northern Michigan. My husband and I have always said that northern Michigan is "God's Country".
Here's the double layout.

This page has some additional shots from Traverse City area and more of Sleeping Bear. All credit for the great photos goes to Jodi! She has a great camera and I'm always impressed with her photography. I need training!

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