Thursday, August 31, 2017

Two Page Scrapbook Layout - "My Life in Legos"

This is a fun layout that needs some explanation. One of the guys I work with is a Master with Legos. He wins competitions around the country with his awesome creations. This is a replica of the Second Temple of Israel. It was amazing!

More to the side story...The insurance company we work for planned an incentive trip for our agents to the Holy Lands to commemorate our company's 100th year in business. He and I both work hard to plan the trips, so he built this replica of the temple and brought it in big pieces to work. It was on display in our cafeteria for a few weeks. He added lego people to the top and around the perimeter of the temple wall to depict several of our co-workers, and of course, one of them was me! How fun!

That's me in the upper right picture holding the light and the clipboard! I love this so much!
 Everybody had a great time finding themselves on and around the wall! He picked out features, hobbies, and distinctive characteristics of our co-workers and it was pretty easy to figure out who was who.
 He painstakingly wrapped and tied robes around each of the lego people inside the temple to look like the people of Israel!
I love that this layout is where our hobbies collide. Since I scrapbooked his lego creation, I think it's time for him to create a lego piece depicting one of my scrapbook layouts! :)

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