Thursday, October 16, 2014

Two Scrapbook Layouts - "Music Man" and "There He Goes Again"

My son is well into his Senior Year of college at Ball State University. He's an especially busy man this year...fighting to get all of his credits completed, becoming a Resident Assistant for the first time, being involved with the athletic department, and immersing himself in all things MUSIC!

These pictures were taken at a choral concert last fall. The top picture is of him starting off the song  a capella with a solo! I would have been terrified, but he was amazing!
 He has different suits for each of the choirs he participates in. The striped tie is for the all men Statesman group. They are my favorite! The tux was for concert choir.
 I just happened to have a few scraps of mustache paper which looked nice with the red chevron ribbon. The notes and title were cut with my Cricut.
We attended a concert last weekend which was also amazing! I took some pictures, but I'm sure they won't be scrapped for awhile.
If you have a kid in college, you understand the emotions when it's time for them to leave again, with all of their earthly belongings. I love having him around, and it's tough to see him go. <sniff> However, he loves the college experience, and I know he thrives there. It's all part of growing up, but I sure do miss him. Here's a layout of pictures we took last fall when he was heading back to BSU.
Have a great week everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog.

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