Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two Page Layout - "Delicious"

Have you ever scrapped about a special meal? If you've ever eaten at a Brazilian Steakhouse, it's definitely worth documenting for all time. The hotel we stayed at in Niagara gave us a BOGO coupon for this all you can eat steakhouse. It was a carnivorous event and worth every cent!!
 I made my own journaling tag to fit the center square. I used an embossing folder to create notebook paper with lines for neater journaling. I need all the help, I can get.The striped paper, stickers, banners, and embellishments are from a vintage pack that I had in my stash. I thought the number banners were appropriate since the servers keep bringing you meat to your table over and over, and over again, until you turn over you coaster to red as a signal you've had enough.
I am so terrible with dates. I had to fix the date above to 2011. My husband will catch it every time, but I just don't remember the years. Maybe I should stay more current with my
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I hope that you have a delicious meal worth scrapping about in your future.

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