Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organize and Weed Out Your Paper Scraps!!

Are you frugal when it comes to saving your paper scraps? I am too! It's so nice to be able to pull out a pretty scrap when you're making a card, or just the right size of cardstock for a diecut. However, it can be a nightmare finding a quick and easy way to organize the scraps so you can find them again.

I found this clear plastic accordion folder recently at Meijer in the office supplies section.

I was sold when I saw it had a section for both small and large scraps. I brought it home and did nothing with it for about 6 months. Well, I finally pulled it out and sorted through my scraps one night in front of the TV.

Here's what my scrap folder used to look like.

The biggest gripe I had with my old folder is that the pockets were black plastic. You can't see through them at all. Not to mention, it was so stinkin' packed with pretties that I could no longer put the elastic around it without it exploding. =]

I took everything out and sorted it by color categories....all blues together, all shades of reds and pink together, etc. The more pockets, the more specific you can get with your colors. Seeing all those stacks made me realize I don't need to keep absolutely every piece of paper!! If the scrap was too big for the smaller front section of the folder, I'd move it into the back section with other like colors. This way, if I need a small piece of black cardstock to cut a bird, I look in the front black section. However, if I need to cut a title, I go straight to the back section of black scraps.

I have not yet titled the tabs for each pocket. Everything seems so easy to find, that it just doesn't seem necessary for me, but it would certainly make sense to do that if it helps you.

Scrap Tips:
  • If it's not a strip wide enough (or lovely enough) to add to a card later, toss it. It's okay!
  • Cardstock pieces should be at least 3 x 3 to use for diecutting, which is how I use most of my scrap cardstock pieces.  
  • File patterned paper scraps with the most predominant color.
  • Slide patterned paper strips in the front part of the corresponding pockets (in front of the cardstock) so you can easily see it through the plastic.
  • Before adding anything to your scrap folder, take a minute and trim it into a rectangle or square so it will lay neatly in the envelope (no messy edges to catch on)
  • Don't forget to ask yourself if it's really big enough (and pretty enough) to use later.
Here's my nicely organized and paired-down scrap envelope!! Aren't you proud of me?

It's so much more inviting to open it up and easily find what I'm looking for. Hope this helps you as you fight the battle of the bulge with your scrap envelope.

Have a great evening!

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  1. You go girl! That looks great! I have about 3 of those bulging things full of scraps that I really need to pare down. It's fairly ridiculous. I may have to go to Meijer and get one, maybe two, of those folders. Lol! My problem is that sometimes I end up with such huge scraps they won't fit in the folder and then I'm not sure what to do with them. Sounds like a good project for a snowy, cold day! :)