Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift wrap idea

Hello! We are counting down the days until Christmas. I'm off work until next Tuesday, and loving it!! This will give me some time to bake and prepare for the special meals we're planning this weekend....All in celebration of the season of our Savior's birth!!

The presents are all wrapped, and we had so much fun doing it. My husband and I both enjoy wrapping. We made a great team! He wrapped them with paper (perfectly, I might add), and I followed up with all of the ribbon, bows, tags, and embellishments.

I especially love the way this one turned out. This particular wrapping paper is two-sided! I used the opposite side to make an attractive ribbon and bow. If you don't happen to have two-sided paper, any coordinating paper will do. I didn't use any scrapbook paper, but you could.

I folded a long leftover strip of wrapping paper with the polka dot side showing and wrapped it tightly around the package like a ribbon and taped it in the back. Then I cut 3 consecutive circles. I didn't have my scrappy tools out, so I simply traced around 3 different sized ribbon spools, and cut them out. I gently folded each circle into quarters and fringed the edges all the way around, then gently wadded up each fringed circle, straightened them back out again, and attached them all largest to smallest (smallest on top). I found a cute large button to match and placed it in the center, and rescrunched the fringed bow up and around it a little. 
I didn't make the tag, but it's super cute and sparkly. I can't wait to give this gift to my BSBFF!!! You know who you are....We need to "do lunch"!!

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